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Alla Carta 20 – Liberi Tutti!


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Simple, authentic, and known the world over, Forty Forty may not be the oldest game in history but it’s certainly been around for a while. The simple rules inspire a wide spectrum of social dynamics, sensations and emotions.

The person counting, eyes closed, hovering around home base to guard it. The other players, frenzied with excitement, seek out their hiding place, whether alone, in pairs or in groups. If you can make it back to home base without getting caught, either by shrewd tactics or pure instinct and courage, you shout “Everyone’s free!”. This satisfying cry of liberation releases all that pent-up adrenaline, earning not only victory but freedom for any prisoners.

Having reached the challenging milestone of 10 years since the beginning of Alla Carta magazine, we too wanted to shout out and dedicate this important birthday to play, freedom, and growth. To borrow the words of great artist and thinker Bruno Munari, “Child’s play is a serious matter”.

The new issue of Alla Carta is inspired by this game, focusing both on the serious aspects—it’s key role in human development—and its spontaneity, unpredictability, and contradictions. We have chased each other, tagged each other, and consoled each other. We have examined, explored and toyed with our sexuality. We even stopped to consider the value of the game of war.

At a time when not even the most fervid imagination could have come up with such an uncertain and frightening reality, we must take refuge in that cry for freedom.

Nude content – adults only!


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