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An Index of Comme Des Garçons Direct Mails


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An Index of Comme Des Garçons Direct Mails, from Arkival Books documents printed correspondence from the brand over the last 40 years, including work from principal art directors Tohji Murata, Tsuguya Inoue and Marc Atlan.

These often overlooked pieces of paper, cards and booklets may seem fairly unremarkable alone, but when compiled as a collection, the ever present theme of striking graphic details, bold typography, and photography is omnipresent: a permanent reminder that to be a true visionary, one must never disregard a single detail.

As Rei Kawakubo herself once put it; “At Comme des Garçons, everything is connected by creation: clothing design, graphic design, interior design, business strategy, marketing. All these have their own causes and effects, and to bring them all together as one force, one image, is interesting but very difficult.”


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