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Anja Soussan – Be Like Water (Signed)


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Welcome to Be Like Water. On these pages, you’ll see what surfaces when attention is given to detail in whatever surrounds us. In this case, it’s Paris. Not the Paris talked about in guidebooks or portrayed in romantic movies, but Paris as it unveils itself to the ones who lend it their unbiased focus.
I practically captured Paris with disposable cameras and embraced the uneditable slowness of manual film processes between 2021 and 2023.
This book is a sneak peek at the beauty of not looking for something specific with full attention. It’s a door into the myriad of wonders everyday moments carry. I wish to inspire you to look at the world through a lens open to imperfection, chance, and coincidence. I hope to encourage you to let your consciousness adapt to the shape of your surroundings. Be like water.

* Signed and numbered by the artist *


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