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Ari Marcopoulos – Entropy


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Mahfuz Sultan in this book: “In 2017, while preparing for an exhibition titled Machine, he tried to make sense of all the through lines in his work. He struggled with the endless multiplication of images and the widespread appropriation of his style by amateurs and advertisers. He revisited all of the work from his career; he searched for patterns and affinities in the images, signs of movement and concert between them.

Instead of showing less work and countering noise with silence, he showed hundreds of images, decontextualized, some xeroxed very quickly and others printed with care. He resigned himself to the idea that meaning and coherence between all the work would continuously elude him, and the only thing to do was keep going, keep shooting. This book, Entropy, is one of the books made in the aftermath of that moment, when the artist left his forty-year chronology behind and appears to do everything that he did in sequence all at once.”


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