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Benjamin Lund – Opposite Japan (Signed)


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Japan has an incredible rich culture – there is a juxtaposition of the new and the old scattered throughout the islands. The old has a remarkable relationship with nature. Breathtaking architecture and pockets of sanctums nestled deep within the rolling hills. In the cities you become overwhelmed with advertising signage, people’s hair styles, the food, the complete colorisation of a living manufactured landscape.

As an outsider the city seems to move and breathe. The buildings float as if we were sitting on the ocean floor – powerless to move. Even following something as simple as the way that people move or occupy space in a particular time is enchanting. Something was happening every single moment – I couldn’t stop watching. 

These were moments that existed and were documented by Danish photographer Benjamin Lund as he travelled through Japan during an incredibly hot summer in July 2018.

* Signed by the artist *


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