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Ed Templeton – City Confessions #2 – London


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“City Confessions #2 London is a mostly recent study on the city of London. Although some photos in this book go back over 20 years, the majority were taken over the past decade on numerous trips. Since the mid 1990’s, once or twice a year I find myself in London for a few days or weeks at a time and end up on long walks shooting photos with my Leica. The pictures in this book were chosen to highlight a particular shade of London I have always found interesting, Moments of weariness, furtive glances and subtle gestures within a densely populated city center as the swarms of people perform the ceremony of getting through another day.”
-ed templeton

The City Confessions series is a collaboration between photographer Ed Templeton and the book publisher SuperLabo based in Tokyo.
Each volume presents a photographic story about a specific city that Templeton has spent significant time working in over multiple years. The series will be released periodically and later be slipcased together as offered as a set. Although the work is often documentary in nature, these books are not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of a city but rather a visual diary describing the rhythms of an urban center as Templeton wanders the streets making photographic notations on the social fabric, architecture, and details of interest. Each edition features a specific edit and sequence of photographs offering Templeton’s observation of a city and the humans existing within it, like a film set on location where the scenes play out with a cities’ well known landmarks in the background.


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