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Elise Toïdé – Les vagues (Signed)


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Elise Toïdé’s work deals with the passing of time with lyricism, melancholy and sensitivity. Fragmented in their intimacy, the characters constantly reclaim an original unity through space and more particularly nature. Thus, her portraits, both moving and bucolic, unanimous and personal, reveal a secret within them, like a key allowing the viewer to decipher their own emotions.

With the long-running project Les vagues, Toïdé is pursuing her romantic intuition by capturing this world filled with a feeling of inadequacy mixed with a certain strength, like the children and adolescents she likes to observe.

As an allegory to Romanticism which results itself by disenchantment, she manages to capture the absences, the games, the boredom of these young souls. It is from quite rightly this artistic movement that the current meaning of the notion of generation dates and that the very idea of a generational unit is affirmed.

Elise Toïdé decides to focus her work on those kids and the space they develop in. Without fiction, with her direct visual language, she crystallizes this generation during a summer in a fragile balance between the vestiges of childhood and the promises of adulthood.

* Signed by the artist *


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