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Emergence Magazine Vol. 5 – TIME


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Volume 5: TIME

In an unraveling world we must begin to reimagine our most foundational ways of being. And what is more foundational than Time? Separated from the fabric of the cosmos, the vast mystery of Time has been distilled into a tool of control. But what kind of Time listens and moves in tune with the Earth; travels not in a straight line, but in a circle? Time, our first hardcover edition, journeys through the many landscapes of Time: deep time, geological time, kinship time, ancestral time, sacramental time. If we can recognize a different kind of Time, can we come to dwell within it? 

A collection of new work from poets, writers, scholars, and artists—Tyson Yunkaporta, Jenny Odell, Paul Salopek, James Bridle, Linda Hogan, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, David Hinton, Layli Long Soldier, Marcia Bjornerud, David Farrier, Roger Reeves, Evie Shockley, Nick Hunt, Robert Moor, Jane Hirshfield, Ed Roberson, Erica Berry, Shangyang Fang, and Sam Laughlin—this volume explores these questions and invites us to imagine a Time and space where ecology, culture, and spirituality are again woven together.


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