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Issueissue Vol. 01 – FANsICK (Cover 2)


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Front cover by Pavel Golik, Back cover by Kristie Muller

Issueissue is a Copenhagen based fashion magazine born out of an urge to celebrate the power of creative freedom featuring people that seek to challenge conventional ways of thinking. With an offset in the original concept of fanzines, the first ever Issueissue is a printed manifestation of people whose voices inspire us. We call the magazine Issueissue. Issue can be understood in several ways; as a problem and a publication. This duality of meaning represents our wish to tell stories beyond the obvious. Issueissue is driven to unfold the many layers of fashion and to understand fashion as always already part of a bigger picture.

Acne Studios, Asics, Aske Hyldborg Jensen, Byredo, Catherine Mulligan, Cristina Stolhe, Danil Kotliar, Ellen Nielsen, Esben Weile Kjær, Icon Visions, Jamie-Maree Shipton, Kiko Kostadinov, Kristie Muller, Laura and Deanna Fanning, Mariavittoria Campodonico, Mathilde Storm, Maya Soul Paustian, Mehmet Suzgun, Mona Omar, Mugler, Pavel Golik, Philip Hinge, Ryan Trecartin, Senakirfa A., Tanne Juul, Zinna Brigh Mac-Eochaidh


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