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Jón Helgi Pálmason – While the image fades (Signed)


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Á meðan myndin dofnar / while the image fades is an investgation of memories. The memories that shape us, the memories we forget, and the memories we cherish. Memories are fragile and inconsistent. How do they change as we get older? In this project, I paint a picture of a very traditional Icelandic family. I explore people, especially older men in a society that was mostly dominated by conventional gender roles back then. These men often suffer from being emotionally distant because of years of neglecting their feelings. I Explore my relationship with them and how being influenced and brought up by these men affected me and how I see myself in them in many ways.

I explore memories regarding places of importance to me and my family. The environment and the nature around them. How endless little stories formicate around these places, becoming part of the history and connecting us to past generations and the lives they lived there.

How we may begin to lose our childhood view of these places due to changes or do some memories of places never change even though in reality it has and will. I explore being lost within your memories, not really knowing whether or not you are actually remembering an event or if you‘re just remembering a photograph of that particular event. Memories in that way are in a way kind of like photographs. We collect an overwhelming amount of memories over our lifespan. What decides what memories is deserved to be remembered and what happens to the memories we forget?

* Signed by the artist *


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