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Kaleidoscope #39


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KALEIDOSCOPE issue #39 (fall/winter 2021–22), a special edition entitled “Archive Continuum.”

In recent years, we have witnessed a huge resurgence of the archive as a global trend across creative industries – from coveted vintage clothing and rare books, to out-of-print magazines and iconic design pieces.

Fueled by nostalgia and new principles of circular consumption, the archive as an ever-evolving platform for curatorial research, accumulation, and cataloguing, continues to affirm itself as an aesthetics and a state of mind. Aiming to rethink and challenge the stillness usually associated with the idea of the archive, we chose the title “Archive Continuum” to refer to the archive as an ongoing, living process – one that, we like to think, can perpetually change, evolve, and adapt to mutating circumstances.

Cover by Kandis Williams.


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