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Lampoon Magazine 24


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Honesty – take pride in diversity.

The topic of Sustainability is evolving into the concept of Transparency. The title of the Honesty issue – Diverso – is a celebration of gender and human diversity, praising inclusiveness. Lampoon Magazine is fully committed to supporting these values.

Visual contributions: Daniel King with human manipulation of raw materials shooting and working with Laura Morgan; Alex Huanfa Cheng decentralizing the human subject taken over by untamed and lush greenery; Kuba Ryniewicz with a story on the Hadrian’s Wall, Ottilie Landmark presenting an erotic fashion photography, Jonathan Hallam portraying British-French singer-songwriter Lauren Auder; Luca Grottoli portraying Jolie Alien, giving us his view of the water and Marie Tomanova capturing twins Sirat and Mannat Kaur; Katerina Jebb shooting a Chanel 55.55 carats diamond; Indian fashion designer Ashish Gupta; Finian Makepeace, co-producer of Kiss the Ground documentary; Esther Garrel is portrayed in a Gio Ponti house. Guen Fiore, Alex Brunet & Olga Varova take us through the story of Lea Rostain and her cat Gaston. Caroline Mackintosh, Katie Silvester invites us to meet atypical families and then to Jo Fetto documenting his hot friends.

Cover image by Daniel King


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