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Lin Zhipeng aka No.223 – Skinny Wave “Limited Cover”


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Body, sex, youth – the works of photographer Lin Zhipeng aka No. 223, who has debuted for nearly 20 years, have left such an impression on many people. In addition to these “tags”, he enjoys stopping on the road, holding a camera to observe scarabs on mandala leaves, or flower clusters that look like certain body organs, and waiting for the upcoming waves. During these moments, he presses the shutter again and again. 

The photobook “Skinny Wave” contains the seemingly insignificant photos that he has taken since 2009. He puts his personal perspective into these seemingly trivial pictures to the greatest extent – even more than when shooting body and youth themes. He is constantly attracted by the fresh corners he encounters by chance, and gets the motivation to shoot. 

In the title, he used the word “skinny” to describe the soft waves, in order to describe the incompliant romance in his photos, as well as the contradictory feelings of softness and sharpness. 


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