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Maisie Cousins – Rubbish, Dipping sauce, Grass peonie bum


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Trolley Books presents Maisie Cousins’s first photographic monologue comprising her most iconic images from the years 2015-2019. The images are selected from a combination of three of her most significant series, hence the title ‘Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass Peonie Bum.

The book presents 44 colour images paired in large format, printed full bleed to the page. They are all contained within a shiny hardback gold cover, which refers to her installation of the work in her first solo exhibition ‘Grass Peonie Bum’ in 2017 at TJ Boulting where she had a gold floor covering an entire room in the gallery.

Maisie’s work is always intuitive and instinctive, she builds a direct connection with the audience by presenting objects close-up and visceral, full of colour and texture. The book similarly will be a full colour explosion for the senses, a beautiful big shiny object in your hand to feast on.


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