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MARFA JOURNAL is a fashion, art and culture publication created for artists by artists. Biannual. 

In this issue:
Aza Shade 6, Pranking My Mom, Security of Obscurity, Marfashion: Mangina Morgan, Todd Solondz, Marfashion: Olympia Campbell, Juliana McCarthy, Max’s Mum, Francis Mallmann, My Procrastination Station, The Most Powerful Card, Le Petite Vendome, Marfashion: Schlachtensee, Myrza Demynuk, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Portrait Of My Mum At My Age, Housekeeping, Sebastien Bouchet, Herstory, Hairstory, CSM: Edwin Mohney & Liam Johnson, Ray Fuego, Marfashion: Dinosaur, Jewish Vocabulary, Schmutter Business, Marfashion: Pigs, Le Titan Clib, Marfashion: Beach Babes, DJ Nigga Fox, Sara Berman, Tricky, Crusty Camper Cainers, Your Fantasy Is My Problem, Rachel Rose, Wardour News Trio, Roni Ilan, Cicciolina, Clara Cullen

Cover: Leah De Wavrin by Gaspar Noe


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