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Matthieu Croizier – Everything Goes Dark A Little Further Down


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Everything Goes Dark A Little Further Down is a love letter to the abnormal. Taking visual cues from an array of cultural sources, Croizier lets his imagination run wild when taking pictures. Inspired by everything from 19th Century medical archives and freak shows, to cult classic horror like David Lynch’s Eraserhead, he explores the idea of monstrosity in relation to his own queerness.

In his photographs, Croizier fragments, distorts and draws upon his own body parts, constructing surreal and pseudo-scientific scenes where his head and hands, ears and feet become the centre of his studies. Set in his apartment, Croizier creates a monstrous show in order to highlight that normal and abnormal are only social constructions, and the importance of the role of the image. 

About the artist

Matthieu Croizier (1994, he/him) is an artist and freelance photographer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He graduated from the Photography School of Vevey (CEPV) in 2017 and from the Bachelor Photography at ECAL in 2020. 

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