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Today, in our daily lives, photographs can be seen almost anywhere; PICTURES shows that photographs can also be almost anything.
PICTURES gathers abstract and non-representational photography, focusing on a current generation of photographers popular in fashion and fine art, who are challenging traditional definitions of the photographic image. Embracing the early potential of photography’s discovery as a ‘new’ medium in the 19th century, they are experimenting with the camera, printing, even sunlight to create wildly colorful images that look nothing like what we have generally come to think of as a photograph. In so doing, they reflect the longstanding interaction between photography and fine art, where innovations in photography have often influenced contemporary artists.
Instead of looking at the subject a photograph captures, PICTURES suggests that we look at what a photograph actually is.

PICTURES includes 200+ large photographs from nearly 50 artists. Introductory section includes works by legends of photography such as Man Ray and Imogen Cunningham, plus cult artists Guy Bourdin and Saul Leiter. Main section includes large portfolios by contemporary artists and fashion photographers.

The book also comes with a folded poster by photographer Harley Weir 44.5cm x 56cm.


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