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Rose Eken – Shrine (Signed)


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A trashed chandelier, glazed urns, dildoes, tarot cards and withered flowers. For the past five years, the motifs of artist Rose Eken have changed. Colorful, ceramic installations have been replaced by black elements and an atmosphere of decay, a development closely connected to both global crises and events within her own life, she explains.

“We all carry a darkness, be it based in personality or a consequence of external circumstances. But dark thoughts tend to be tabooed, hidden away or suppressed. At some point we have to choose between getting lost in the pain or gaining strength from the wound”, Rose Eken says.

The art monograph Shrine is an examination of the works of Rose Eken spanning the time from 2018 to 2022, accompanied by essays by art critic and art historian Maria Kjær Themsen, as well as British art critic and author Jonathan Griffin and PhD of Philosophy, Heine Hansen.

* Signed by the artist *


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