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Sander Dekker – Zine Nº5 “Mexico” (Signed)


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This zine is a collection of moments captured during my vacation to Mexico. It is a tribute to Mexico’s quirky culture and a way to capture the ever fleeting moments of happiness.

I had long dreamed of visiting Mexico due to my love of mescal, its distinctive music and the high kitsch level of the souvenirs that already defined my home decor.

Exploring the local culture, visiting religious shops was an interesting experience. They were filled with religious iconography ranging from traditional to bizarre, heavily kitsch, and often humorous. I couldn’t resist taking some snapshots of this unique artistry to include in my zine.

I also had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Lucía. With her unconventional masculine looks, she exudes a striking and captivating energy that lent itself perfectly to my camera. Her unique aesthetic also translates into the somewhat alienating ceramic figurines she creates as an artist.

I shared my Mexico experience with two of my dearest friends who also appeared in front of my lens. During shoots, which often arise spontaneously, I always love adding some ‘awkwardness’, creating an element of surprise. And thankfully, so do my eccentric friends.

This compilation of 3 chapters celebrates the beauty of friendship and the happiness of living in the moment. Oh, and Mescal, liquid of the gods, which was the catalyst in forming some unforgettable memories 🙂

Special Edition of only 35 copies.

* Signed, numbered, and with original print included *


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