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Sander Dekker – Zine Nº6 “Claudia” (Signed)


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Out of stock

Claudia is a woman who, in my eyes, lives like she is in a story. She writes poetry, drinks vintage red wine, immerses herself in old French songs, exudes eroticism and enjoys spending time in old brown bars. There, she discreetly observes lives and listens to the countless stories of numerous regulars who might otherwise be forgotten.
It is as if she belongs in another era, one where stories are spread by spoken words and anything that was considered “dirty” was viewed only through discreet peepholes.
Her connection to this world reflects her own existence, except this time, with me in the role of the curious observer – a peeper.

Special Edition of only 35 copies.

* Signed, numbered, and with original print included *


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