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Sander Dekker – Zine Nº7 “12.5 Y” (Signed)


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12.5Y ago, I moved to Amsterdam, unknowingly kick starting my life as an artist. Navigating this path is not always easy, and this recurring insight consistently finds its way back into my thoughts throughout my journey. It consumes shitloads of time, energy, and resilience, often leaving you without a dime in your pocket.

But, truth be told, these struggles don’t tip the scales against the upside. The doors that open to the fantastic realms of others, the fun, the craziness, the eccentricity—these really make it all worthwhile. This zine is my tribute to Amsterdam, or more precisely, to the people who make this city so beautiful.

Special Edition of only 50 copies.

* Signed, numbered, and with original print included *


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