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Shawn Dogimont – Becoming Pictures (Signed)


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Orenda Press’ first book is a travelogue that interlaces portraiture and text to reveal both a magazine’s journey and the author’s own personal history. Dogimont uses some of his photos to help jog him into writing snippets that can be read in no particular order but when taken in together form a story. Something along the lines of no longer belonging to nor ever really escaping the nature and climate we grew up in.

Often the paragraph relates directly to the picture facing it – encounters with dogs, bears, trees, friends, fashion models and actors the likes of Adam Driver, Jeff Bridges, Léa Seydoux, Tilda Swinton and Isabelle Huppert among others are recounted in a concise, conversational style. At times though, the writing and photo have little to do with one another. 

Foreword by Norman Reedus.

* Signed by the artist *


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