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Tokyo Encounters: Next Wave Street Photography from Japan is a colourful presentation of serendipitous happenings in contemporary Tokyo as seen through the lenses of seven burgeoning and visionary street photographers all contributing to shape the future of the city’s local street photography scene.

Through their divergent backgrounds and distinctive, imaginative ap-proaches towards the possibilities of the genre, they exhibit the heart of street photography: to bring the beauty of the mundane into focus. Get a glimpse through a stained window into a silver-glistening and steamed-filled kitchen, squeeze into the subway and stand shoulder to shoulder with the white-collar-workers and students in the jam-packed metro, and spot a sleeping Super Saiyan bathed in sunlight among pedestrians at the crosswalk – these are just some of their snapshots of public scenes featured among other carefully-selected photographs that offer a brief introduction into their multifaceted photographic practices.


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