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Another One Hundred Years Of Solitude


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For the 7th issue, the original idea came from the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. In this novel, the story of six generations of Buendía Family, he’d drawn a picture of common people and their daily life out of an exotic village named Macondo, yet perceived by the readers as a surreal and magical tale with different living conditions and background. However, it’s still the reality people face in their real life, as artist Yunyu Ayo Shih was once told by a Colombian friend: “…..every family can tell you outrageous stories and they would all be true. There is nothing magical about it, don’t call it magical, it would be an insult. If you love us, remember that.” The novel becomes a mirror, it reflects the figure of Macondo inside Taiwan with those ridiculous yet familiar craziness in our everyday life. The same place where we born and live now – all those rituals, tales, family histories and the way human beings act – narratives and fictions are hardly be separated. At one point, history and real life would tangle with stories and fantasies, when we look at it in other angles or how we interpret it alternatively, we’ve forged a new-born story/history.

In the issue of ANOTHER ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE, a new novel was built. It’s about the borders, the bloodline, the reality, the FAMILY, and the solitude. How to tell the past is true or not. How things could turn into new figures by being retold or going through a new process by the artists, Between one chapter to another, we’re leaving the space for the readers to enter.


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